John Hossack: Abolitionist, Underground Railway Railroad Conductor and Station Master, Canal Builder, Merchant, Fugitive Slave Law Violator, Spark for the Civil War.


Henry Lens

John Hossack of Ottawa, Illinois.  Abolitionist, Underground Railway Conductor, Canal Builder.  Grain and Lumber Merchant.  Crusader for Human Rights and Liberty.  Man of God.  He feared God and loved his Fellow Man.



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Direct Descendants of John Hossack of Ottawa

Henry (Harry) Lens Hossack, born April 27, 1842, married Medora Tuttle, June 27, 1866. She died in 1901 and was buried at Ottawa, Ill. He married Alice Jennings in 1903. She was born Oct. 24, 1865 and was still living in 1939.  Henry died in Pasadena, May 20, 1936, age 94 yrs. and was buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale, California.  Harry and Medora bore three children.


Emma Delight Hossack married John Moore in 1892.


Fannie Belle died when 16 years old in 1886.


Henry Lens Hossack, Jr. reportedly never married.  He died in 1906 when 34.

Harry served during the Civil War, having raised a company of volunteers that served guard duty in Kansas and Missouri.

Harry was the heir to the John Hossack businesses of lumber and grain forwarding.  He also had a part in the development of Ottawa across the Fox River to the east.

During his youth, Harry participated in the underground railroad.




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